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  • 音乐让世界杯燃起来

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    核心提示:CFPEvery four years, millions of people gather in summer to watch soccer games and cheer for their favorite teams and players.每隔四年,数百万人都会在盛夏齐聚一堂,观看足球比赛,为他们最喜欢的球队和球员呐喊助威。This year, the World Cup wil


    Every four years, millions of people gather in summer to watch soccer games and cheer for their favorite teams and players.

    This year, the World Cup will kick off on June 14 in Russia.

    Leading up to the most exciting sporting event of summer, Live It Up, the official World Cup song, was released on May 25. Performed by US artist Nicky Jam, US actor and singer Will Smith, and Albanian singer Era Istref, the song has a line that goes, “One life, live it up/’cause we got one life.”

    With a great melody and catchy lyrics, the song stands for “the excitement, the celebration and the unity that people all over the world will share during the 2018 World Cup”, Philippe Le Floc’h, chief commercial officer of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) told FIFA.com.

    In fact, ever since the first official World Cup song came out in 1966 for the England World Cup, the relationship between soccer and music has grown stronger and stronger. As The Wall Street Journal put it, “Listening to motivational music [does] encourage people to take more risks.”

    Austrian soccer player David Alaba said that music plays an important role in his career. “I try to get fired up before matches and listen to music which motivates me,”he told FIFA.com.

    Apart from official songs and national anthems, many soccer players also use their personal music collections to lift their moods. French winger Franck Ribery is a big fan of hip hop from his motherland, Argentine star Lionel Messi loves Argentine artist Sergio Torres’ songs, while German forward Marco Reus is known to listen to Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

    One of the world’s greatest soccer coaches, Giovanni Trapattoni, even believes that listening to music can teach players great lessons. “You learn a lot about intervals, tempo, rhythm. You learn the logical skills you need to read a game,” he told FIFA.com.

    Indeed, the right music can make all the difference. As Colombian musician Juanes told FIFA.com, soccer and music have a lot in common. “You throw yourself into it, and it moves something within people. You need your feet for soccer and you need words for music, but they arouse one and the same thing: passion,” he said.

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