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    1.Juvenility cofactors have been identified as terpenes .

    2.The juvenility of theory and practice makes us carry further theoretic discussion necessarily

    3.Reinforced concrete masonry shear wall structure is a new type of structure , the theory of computing and analysis for it is juvenility

    4.Next in juvenility to abraham came two more girls , hope and modesty ; then a boy of three , and then the baby , who had just completed his first year

    5.Village and township finance , which is " juvenility " finance , is not perfect not only in practice but also in theory . many problems concerning about it are to be solved

    6.The city ecological leisure greenbelt is much fit to relaxation than other place . it is a new problem about how to create the ecological leisure space which has both ecology and leisure function to promote the construct of environment and ecology civilization in city , at present , the research about theory is juvenility

    7.The juvenility of theory and practice makes us carry through further theoretic discussion necessarily . this thesis analyzes and studies administrative omission combined with relative theory of criminal law and civil law , using relative perfect omission theory of other countries for references

    8.Net education is playing an important role in modern instruction as an new education pattern . but education resource measuring up net education is seriously scarce because there is idea of yearning for quick success and instant benefit and the juvenility development of education function , this is a jar problem of limiting development of net education . net course have many shortcoming and insufficient as important part of net resource

    9.( 5 ) some of special systems corrected with credit such as credit evaluation , guaranty and personal credit systems are in a state of juvenility and the whole social credit system has n ' t been created either . ( 6 ) the legal system and the rule of law is not complete yet
    ( 4 )我国与信用相关的一些专门制度例如信用评估制度、信用担保制度、个人信用制度也不成熟,没有形成健全的社会信用体系。 ( 5 )我国的信用领域的法制法规尚不健全,执法不严,因此对信用关系的保护不力。

    10.Why we call public interest litigation as new litigation , one reason is that we have not set any system about public interest litigation in our civil procedure act and administrative procedure act ; another reason is that the history of public interest litigation is only morn than one hundred years which make it looks like a juvenility in the field of action law . for it is new , it must has more theory space and practice worth to study , so i choice it as my subject of master " s degree
    公益诉讼之所以被称之为新型诉讼,一是因为在我国现行的民事、行政诉讼框架中没有设置相关的制度;二是因为放在国际大背景来看,它的成长历史也不过区区一百多年,是诉讼法领域内尚不成熟的“少年” ,正因其“新” ,充满可供研究探索的理论空间,具有发展完善的实际价值,我选择了它作为硕士论文的课题。

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